Meet the Authors Night Fun!

Thanks to everyone who came to our Meet the Authors Night! It was a huge success!

Children's Book Unit!

Our  children's books are coming together quite well! I am so very proud of my kiddos for all of their hard work and learning that took place throughout this process! Their creativity sure does shine through in their finished products! Read and enjoy!

Book 1: By Garrett Couse and Mario Alcaraz

Book 2: By Alexia Fridolph and Brianda Ramos

Book 3: By Alexa McCunn and Kennedy Lamb

Book 4: By Chloe DeVries and Abbey Jones

Book 5:By Brook Johnson and Rhenn Rolenc

Book 6: By Taylor Bower and Cami Porter

Book 7: By Jadyn VonDeilingen and Morgan Graber

Book 8: By Ethan Horn and Tyler Strunk

Book 9: By Kamryn Wendt, Eva Sherman, and Emily Wegman

Book 10: By Hannah Grey, Mya Southwell, and Katelynn Bingham

Book 11: Dingo's Race By Nate Ernst and Alex Lemus

Book 12: Mattie's Christmas Wish By Emma Bierbaum and Ryleigh Patterson

Book 13: The Birthday Disaster By Kadee Gass and Paola Serna

Book 14: The Disco Dynamos By Makayla Fichter and Maci Graber

Book 15: The Spot Headed Sneeps By Madison Bruce and Shelby Pruett

Book 16: By Jade Gregory and Yovanni Ramos

Book 17: By Kennedy Eitzen and Ashlynn Bentley

Book 18: By Jordan Adams and Cameron Best

Book 19: By Madison Madden

Book 20: By Isaac Hildalgo and Hunter Portales

Book 21: By Peyton Meek and Jade Loftesness

Book 22: By Jacey King and Spencer Wilcoxon

Book 23: By Daniel Points and William Johnson

Book 24: By Cael Schmadeke

Book 25: By Dominick Brittain and Bryan Erp

Book 26: By Cooper Rea, Tevin Hardy, and Dashon Fussell

Book 27: By Luke Mutschler and Lucas Pestal

Book 28: By Kobe Johnson and Fernando Lepe

Book 29: By Kaden Grammer and Kaden Hansen

Book 30: By Alissa Rice, Corbin Wolf, and Vanessa Breedlove

Project Wall

I have a Project Wall in my classroom where I post upcoming lessons, assessments, presentations, due dates, and workshop days 
for both language arts and reading. I have talked to all students about how they can use the Project Wall to benefit them and their learning. Taking pictures of the weekly plans is one way in which students can keep track of due dates and upcoming assessments. I also post all resources we use in class on the wall so that students can use the examples and information when needed.

Our New 2014 Adventure!

As of 9/8/14, we will be holding all of our middle school classes at the tech center and high school. This will be quite the adventure! I created this fun little script to show the kids on their first day in their "new" school!

Good-Bye 2013/14 School Year!

What a wonderful school year we had! Summer is here, and planning for the 2014/15 school year has already begun! See you all again in August! Have a great summer!

Mrs. E

2013/14 6th Grade SlideShow

SnackTools provides wonderful FREE tools to use in and outside of the classroom! PhotoSnack was used to created this slideshow.

2013/14 Student Blogs Are Coming Along!

2013/14 School Year Blogs

Make sure to check out the student blogs listed below! All 6th graders have create a KidBlog of their own that they will be updating until the end of the school year. Make sure to check back often to keep current with what they are learning about in school! 

Language Arts and Reading Pages

I am continually updating the Language Arts and Reading pages on this blog. I will continue to post information about what the 6th graders are learning in these classes. Please feel free to comment or email me with any questions. You can contact me by email at